Aspects of Eno Part II - 03.08.19

The Aspects of Eno concert draws in the bare and unencumbered; ambient and transcendental; tongue-in-cheek and bold.

Erik Satie, Sports et Divertissements (1914) Quickly-changing banalities of the everyday

John Adams, Phrygian Gates (1977-78) Energy, focus and awareness of function in epic proportions

John White, Piano Sonatas 112 (dedicated to John Tilbury) and 116 (dedicated to Michael Parsons) (both 1987) Plain yet luminous; material for material’s sake

Harold Budd and Brain Eno, The Plateaux of Mirror (1980) transcribed by David Power. Resonant soundscapes with delicate piano fragments moving between the fore and backgrounds. A chance to mentally escape from the concert hall with an interactive and spacious realisation of the original.

Jan Steele, A Bowl of Lemons (2019) Simple and playful; shifting metres and harmonies. “A Bowl of Lemons is a name for a painting I own by Nicholas Elliott. There is no direct inspiration from the painting, nor from anything else.”

David Power, Five Short Pieces for Piano (2019) Repetitions of square riffs requiring a full, bold touch without letting up.

Nick Williams, bubblewrap (2019) Popping knocks and tight pulse. Piano percussion meets circular hand shapes.